Demag AC350/6


  • Reliable, roadable All Terrain crane to do the heavy lifting
  • Manoeuvres well in tight places
  • Rigs easily and quickly
  • Operates efficiently
  • With a main boom length of 64m, maximum system length of 126m, and a nominal lifting capacity of 350t, the Demag AC 350-6 combines the power, reach and flexibility
  • Most compact all-terrain crane of its class

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Product Description

Technical Details



Capacity class 350 t 400 US-tons
Main boom length 64 m 210 ft
Main boom extension 72 m 236.2 ft
Maximum system length 49,7 + 4 + 72 = 125,7 m 163 + 13.1 + 236.2 = 412.4 ft
Maximum counterweight 116,7 t 128.4 US-tons
Overall length 16,71 m 54.8 ft
Carrier length 14,96 m 49.1 ft
Turning radius over the cabin 13,6 m 44.6 ft
Carrier engine 450 kW 612 hp
Superstructure engine 205 kW 279 hp
Maximum travel speed 85 km/h 53 mph
Drive chain 12 x 8 x 10 12 x 8 x 10
Tires 14.00 (16.00 / 20.5) 14.00 (16.00 / 20.5)
Maximum gradeability 67 % 67 %


Terex AC350/6 debut in Germany

Crane company Krandienst Lange debut AC350/6 in Germany which was used to dismantle an old power plant in Lubmin, close to the town of Greifswald. Equipped with 31.7 meters main boom, 4-meter adapter and 22-meter luffing jib, the crane was used to dismantle a pair of gantry cranes in an interim storage facility at the site.

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