Gottwald AMK 1000-103

The Gottwald AMK 1000 was designed and manufactured in 1985 to solve the problem between crane mobility and heavy lifting solutions. The concept was to tackle the issues of having a 1,000-tonne rated capacity but making it mobile. The mobile crane became the first and transportable crane to be rated at the 1,000 metric ton mark and stayed for a record for a full 8 years after its introduction.

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Product Description

The mobile crane consists of the superstructure itself, attached to a 6-axle tractor in the front and a 4-axle trailer at the rear. Gottwald specially designed and built the 9-axle transport vehicle, AMK 800-93 to transport the telescopic mast, which, due to the size and weight had to be transported separately.

Though in theory, this crane has been rated as a 1,000 metric ton class, in order to achieve its maximum lifting capacity, a special short heavy load mast is required. However, that was never been built. Hence, with the existing telescopic mast of the AMK 1000, it lifts loads that is about the same as a 350 metric ton rated crane.



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