Sany SAC4000S

Sany SAC4000S is a 400-tonne rated capacity all-terrain crane manufactured in China.

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Product Description

High Strength Boom

It consists of six section booms, welded with bended fine-grain high-strength steel plate, with oval section applied to ensure good buckling resistance performance. With single cylinder automatic pin system, a dual-action cylinder can control telescopic operation of all booms and achieve a variety of boom combinations. Basic boom length is 15.2m and fully extended boom length is 70m. Max. lifting height is 70m.

Perfect Jib Length for all Applications

The adaptor, jib head and 6m and 12m large (small) sectional standard sections are shared by fixed jib and tower jib. 6m~42m boom combination can be achieved for fixed jib. The application of 0~40°infinite luffing jib improves automation level and working efficiency through changing the angle according to the actual demands of the operating condition. With tower jib, 12m~78m jib combination can be achieved, thus greatly improving lifting capacity and operating height.

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