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Sany SAC4500C8-8

The Sany SAC4500C8-8 represents a highly sophisticated, six-axle all-terrain crane, equipped with a main boom extending up to 93 meters. This apparatus is capable of handling loads up to 12 tonnes at full extension and can elevate up to 28 tonnes when augmented with a superlift mechanism. Incorporation of an auxiliary jib attachment enhances its operational capacity, allowing for a maximum elevation of 138.9 meters with a lifting capability of 4 tonnes, making it ideal for high-line tower installations.

Sany SAC4500C8-8 All Terrain Crane


*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

The crane’s mobility unit is powered by a Weichai WP14T engine, delivering 221kW, and is complemented by a ZF transmission system. It features H-type outriggers spanning 9.6 meters, ensuring superior stability during operations.

Designed for optimal maneuverability, the six-axle carrier boasts a minimal turning radius of 12 meters and is equipped with 445 series tires for enhanced mobility on varied terrains.

To facilitate economic efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership, the crane’s accessory components have been standardized across different capacities. Specifically:

  1. Counterweights are interchangeable among mobile cranes ranging from 350 to 700 tonnes.
  2. Fixed jibs are compatible with mobile cranes within the 260 to 400-tonne class.
  3. Superlift attachments are usable across mobile cranes in the 500 to 600-tonne range.

This strategic standardization of components not only streamlines maintenance and repairs but also significantly reduces the logistical complexity and expense associated with the operation of a fleet of cranes across varied weight classes.

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