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Zoomlion ZAT6000H753

Since its launch in 2019, the ZAT6000H753 crane has received widespread acclaim in the lifting industry for its adaptability in urban construction markets, full-range lifting capabilities, and powerful lifting capacity, achieving a 75% market share in its category domestically. Zoomlion emphasizes a strategy of technical innovation and safety, focusing on creating high-end construction equipment tailored to market demands. The ZAT6000H753 is noted for its excellent quality and reliability, gaining strong customer loyalty. A user from Fujian commends its agility, strong performance, and cost-effectiveness, affirming his decision to repurchase for enhanced operational scope and competitive advantage.

Zoomlion ZAT6000H All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The ZAT6000H7 all-terrain crane from Zoomlion is designed for heavy-duty lifting, featuring a seven-section boom on a seven-axle chassis, and a 90-meter maximum boom height for impressive reach. It also includes an auxiliary boom, wind power boom, and tower boom for specialized tasks. This crane boasts strong performance with its “4+3” dual-boom mode, offering various combinations for diverse lifting conditions. The model stands out for its maximum lifting height of 140 meters and a maximum operational radius of 100 meters, catering to a wide range of industrial needs.

The ZAT6000H7 all-terrain crane prioritizes safety and efficiency during transit with an upgraded seven-axle chassis and powerful Weichai Euro VI engine. Its 4+1 drive system and enhanced climbing ability ensure adaptability to tough terrains. It boasts low operating costs thanks to dual Cummins engines optimized for high-altitude performance. The crane allows for short-distance heavy-load travel without dismantling, compatible with standard counterweights used across Zoomlion’s product range for operational efficiency.

The ZAT6000H7 all-terrain crane introduces several technological innovations, including an industry-first H-type outrigger system enhancing lifting capacity and efficiency, and a pioneering goose-neck boom technology that reduces stress and increases stability. It features a one-touch hydraulic drive for improved climbing and extrication capabilities, adaptive control for superlift boom extension ensuring safety and efficiency, and AI-based counterweight recognition to prevent operational errors by automatically identifying weight combinations. These advancements underscore Zoomlion’s commitment to safety, performance, and adaptability.

Award Winning

On April 16, 2022, the “2022 China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP 50” awards ceremony was grandly held in a combined online and offline format. Through various stages such as company registration, online voting, expert review, and comprehensive assessment, the event evaluated nominees on technical innovation, market performance, application contribution, and industry reputation.

In this event, the ZAT6000H753 all-terrain crane by Zoomlion was honored with the Market Performance Award. It features a maximum lifting height of 90 meters and a working range of 80 meters. It is noted for its pioneering H-type outrigger technology for large-tonnage all-terrain cranes, improving adaptability and efficiency in operation. The ZAT6000H753 has achieved a significant market share, thanks to its advanced capabilities and the company’s commitment to staying ahead in heavy lifting applications.

Case Studies

  • Set a construction record in Chongqing with a 93m lift and 35-ton steel beam handling.
  • Conducted rescue operations for a collapsed Ferris wheel in Fujian, ensuring safety and preventing further accidents.
  • Participated in the construction of the Sanxiang South Lake Building in Hunan, securing the safe installation of rooftop equipment.
  • Supported a critical wind power project in Anhui, aiding China’s push towards clean energy with advanced lifting capabilities.



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