Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1500A-3

SCX1500A-3 is a 150-tonne crawler crane manufactured by Hitachi Sumitomo. The crawler crane was unveiled and showcased to public in Bauma 2013.

It has been designed with two emissions standards engine – stage 3a and stage 3b (later upgraded to stage 4 / Tier 4f). There is also two different type of rope size available on the 150-tonne crawler, either 26mm or 28mm.

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Product Description

The SCX1500A-3 lattice boom crawler crane has a 150-tonne capacity and a maximum boom length of 75 m; jibs are from 10 to 28 m. The maximum boom and jib combination is 63 + 28 m. The boom foot width and boom width, as well as the bracing strength, have been increased to improve the strength of the boom itself, the company said.

To save fuel and reduce exhaust and carbon dioxide emissions, an idle stop function is fitted on the new-generation 210 kW Stage IIIB Isuzu engine.

According to HSC, mobility of the new crawler crane has also been enhanced. Transportation width is 2.99 m for easier and cheaper transit. Furthermore, a new winch system offers a 12 tonne rated line pull and there is a new brake system.

Applications for the new model include civil engineering, construction and material handling.

The crawler crane will be showcased at Bauma 2013, Munich.


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