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Zoomlion ZCC3500V-2

The Zoomlion ZCC3500V-2 crawler crane, an advanced version of the ZCC3500V-1, sets a new standard in heavy lifting with a 220-ton load capacity at a 12-meter radius and a boom length that extends from 24 meters up to an additional 9 meters. Renowned for its robust construction and precision, it is engineered for high-stakes operations such as shield tunneling, where it lifts with extraordinary efficiency. With a combined main and auxiliary hook lift capacity of 238.5 tons, it is a titan of industry, trusted for its high-performance capabilities in infrastructure and energy projects.

Zoomlion ZCC3500V-2 Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The Zoomlion ZCC3500V-2 advances the frontiers of lifting machinery with its considerable capabilities. This model features:

  • Main Boom: It comes with a commanding boom length range, starting at 24 meters and extendable up to 96 meters, suitable for an array of construction requirements.
  • Lifting Capacity: The crane boasts a stellar lifting capacity of 350 tons, ensuring that even the most demanding loads can be moved with precision and safety.
  • Shield Machine Configuration: In its specialized configuration for shield machine operations, the crane achieves a significant lifting capacity: 300 tons with the main hook and 177 tons with the auxiliary hook. It can also handle a combined lifting effort of 238.5 tons, a testament to its might and versatility.
  • Structural Integrity: The ZCC3500V-2 is designed with a boom and jib combination that thrives under challenging conditions, including complex infrastructure projects and power generation constructions.
  • Efficiency and Reliability: This crane is celebrated for its operational efficiency and reliability, earning the trust of clients in heavy industry sectors where performance and cost-effectiveness are paramount.
  • Wind Resistance and Stability: The ZCC3500V-2 is equipped with a truss-type, Y-shaped superlift device, which allows it to withstand considerable wind resistance, and large side-loading forces, essential for secure and steady operations in harsh weather conditions.
  • Drive System: Featuring a combination of six mechanical drives and a hydraulic drive with large reduction ratios, the crane excels in gradeability, managing up to 38% with a wind power crane jib, superlift devices, and outriggers equipped.

The ZCC3500V-2 is not only an emblem of Zoomlion’s innovation but also a powerful ally in construction, adept at enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs. With rigorous testing and development, the ZCC3500V-2 is engineered to withstand years of demanding use, showcasing Zoomlion’s dedication to excellence in the heavy lifting industry.



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