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Zoomlion ZTC500A562-2

The Zoomlion ZTC500A5-2 Hydraulic Truck Crane is engineered with a 5-section, 45.5-meter “U”-shaped main boom, providing exceptional reach and versatility. With a maximum lifting torque of 1764 kN·m for the main boom and a fully extended main boom maximum lifting capacity of 9.6 tons, this crane is designed for robust lifting operations. It is powered by a high-performance, high-torque 9-liter engine paired with a 9-speed synchronized gearbox, ensuring efficient and powerful operation.

The crane features a fully enclosed spacious driver’s cab with amenities such as a 9-inch high-definition color screen, reverse camera, and a sleeping berth for enhanced operator comfort. The 910mm wide control room provides ample space, and the 10.4-inch touchscreen integrates a force limiter and winch monitoring system, enhancing operational control and safety. The Zoomlion ZTC500A5-2 combines advanced technology with thoughtful design to meet the demands of various lifting tasks.

Zoomlion ZTC500A562-2 Hydraulic Truck Crane


*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Zoomlion ZTC500A562-2 Hydraulic Truck Crane
Zoomlion ZTC500A562-2 Hydraulic Truck Crane



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