Kobelco MK500

The new-style crane, MK500, has been developed by screening and combining Kobelco’s excellent experiences on attachment and upper structure technology for crawler cranes and on undercarriage technology for wheel cranes. This revolutionary combination of lattice boom’s ruggedness and wheel’s superior footwork, MK500 ensure high performance and more efficiency particularly in dock works and on-site jobs.

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Product Description


Max. Lifting Capacity 50t x 3.4m
Boom Length 5.6 – 33.0m
Max. Lifting Height 31.7m
Max. Working Radius 30.0m
Carrier Engine Mitsubishi 6D16-TLE2A (147 kW / 2,150 rpm)
Operating Weight 35,075 kg


  • Single-cab and single-engine machine
  • Optimal lifting capacity for dock works
  • Higher maneuverability and stability simplifying on-site traveling
  • Compact undercarriage saves machine space.


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