Palfinger PK 53002 SH

Palfinger PK 53002 SH is a 50.1 mt rated lifting moment loader crane.

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Max. Rated Capacity


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Product Description

Technical Data

Max. lifting moment 50.1 mt
Max. lifting capacity 18200 kg
Max. hydraulic outreach 21.0 m
Max. outreach (with fly jib) 32.5 m
Slewing angle
Slewing torque with 1 gear 4.0 mt
Slewing torque with 2 gears 5.5 mt
Stabilizer spread (std) 7.8 m
Width folded 2.51 m
Max. operating pressure 365 bar
Pump capacity 90 – 120 l/min
Dead weight (std) 4155 kg

Hufferman Special Customization

In 2015, lifting specialist Huffermann from Wildeshausen in Germany launched a new electric assembly crane. The model consists of a Palfinger PK 53002-SH articulating hydraulic loader crane fitted on a chassis designed by Hüffermann. Both the chassis and crane are powered by a traction battery or via a mains power cable. The crane has a maximum reach of 23 metres and a 1.2 metres high support system. the electrically driven crane has a capacity of 10.2 tonnes at 4 metres and lifts 2.5 tonnes when working at a 16 metres radius. It is designed to work in sensitive areas, producing no noise or exhaust gas emissions. It has a length of 5.6 metres, a width of 1.9 metres and a turning radius of fewer than 3.9 metres. The axles can be controlled individually and it is fitted with variable extendable outriggers.


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