XCMG SQZ3500 is a knuckle boom crane with a maximum 70-ton lifting capacity.

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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1. Boom: Six-section telescopic boom, the first section is double-push, with strong lifting capacity and on-load telescopic capacity, large, and stronger adaptability to working conditions, which can reduce the frequency of moving vehicles and improve operating efficiency; telescopic The oil cylinder adopts the sequential telescopic technology and adds a buffer design to ensure smooth telescoping and convenient and precise operation.
2. Turntable: The retractable counterweight mechanism provides better operation stability; the maximum 10t balance counterweight can be carried with the vehicle, and the counterweight loading and unloading is simple and quick.
3. Slewing mechanism: Double high-torque reducer, strong slewing power, good braking effect, ensuring more stable slewing and safer operation.
4. Getting off the car structure: The integrated square box frame + 6 outrigger design gives the crane a strong all-around operation capability; it can realize the maximum lifting of 50t on the side.
5. Hydraulic system: Proportional control, with good micro-motion and linkage, which is convenient for positioning and installation of equipment; the outrigger adopts a differential system, which has higher efficiency; XCMG particular wide temperature hydraulic oil is used ( -23°C~88°C ), which can be used in winter and summer.
6. Electrical system: Equipped with force limit system, anti-overturning control system, operation warning system, night lighting system and wireless remote control to improve operational safety and operating comfort. 7. Complete vehicle: lightweight, not exceeding the limit, fully complying with regulatory requirements; short body, small turning radius, which is conducive to small space movement; low height, free access to various workshops and workshops.

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