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Kato SR500L

Kato Works has launched the new 51-tonne rough terrain crane, SR-500L for the global market in April 2016.

The SR-500L has a maximum lifting capacity of 51 tonnes at 2.5 metres and it comes with a 4-section round-shaped SUPERBOOM, having a 35 metres main boom with a maximum lifting height of 35.6 metres.

It can be equipped with a 2-section fly jib with 3-stage selectable offset angle at 5, 25 and 45 degrees. With the fly jib, it can have a maximum lifting height of 51.0 metres.

One of the greatest advantages that can be found on SR-500L is its gross vehicle weight. Comparing to similar capacity class rough terrain crane, SR-500L is close to 12.7% than its competitor, the Tadano GR500EXL, having a GVW of only 33,97 tonnes. This enables better transport efficiency and provides a better cost saving over the long run.

However, SR-500L does share a similarity with the latter. It is also powered by a Mitsubishi 6M60-TL engine with a maximum power of 200 kW / 2,600 rpm and has a maximum torque of 785 Nm / 1,400 rpm.

The latest ACS (Automatic Crane System), which can be equipped with the optional K-COR (Kato Crane Operation Recorder) and various monitor cameras to support safe crane operation.

The entire rough terrain crane is 100% made in Japan.

thumbnail of Kato SR-500L Brochure


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