Sany SRC400C

Sany SRC400C is a 40-tonne rated capacity rough terrain crane manufactured in China and has a maximum boom length of 31.5m

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Product Description


  • Main boom length: 10~31.5 m
  • Max lifting torque: 1175 KN.m
  • Max gradability: 105%(at stall)

Excellent lifting performance

  • The full extension length of the main boom is 31.5 m, and the height from the ground is 33.9 m, showing a leading position in the industry;
  • The maximum load moment of basic boom is 1175 kN.m, and that of the full extension boom is 755 kN.m, showing strong loading capacity;
  • With four U-type main booms, and single cylinder and rope extension mechanism, it is stable and efficient;
  • With the installation angle for jibs as 0°, 15° and 30°, it is convenient for condition switching and provides high operation efficiency.

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