Tadano GR1000EX-4

The GR-1000EX-4 has a 51 metre five section boom with the same twin mode telescope system as the other two and can telescope from fully retracted to fully extended in 170 seconds. It also features the two position Smart Counterweight system but with 11.2 tonnes, which increases the capacity at a 42 metre radius from 900kg to 1.1 tonnes. Dimensionally the 100 tonner has an overall height of just under 3.8 metres, an overall width of 3.35 metres and an overall length of just under 15.2 metres.

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Product Description

Spec No.:

  • GR-1000E-4-00101 – 51m boom , 17.7m jib , Self-removable counterweight , ECE-R96-02(EM3A level)


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