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Tadano GR1450EX-2

Tadano has break the record for launching the largest class Rough Terrain Crane ever manufacture in the crane industry in 2013, the making of GR1450EX-2 (GR1600XL-2). The new crane has a boost a load capacity of 145 metric ton (160 US tons) and comes with 61 meter (200 feet) main boom, the longest length in a single telescoping cylinder in their newly designed 6-section rounded boom. The models are being named differently for the countries, GR1600XL-2 for North & South American Markets and GR1450EX-2 for the rest of the world.

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description


  • 2-stage bi-fold lattice hydraulic tilt jib which extends to 257 feet with a load radius reaching up to 220 feet.
  • Built on 3-axle and the compact carrier is similar in width and height compared to Tadano’s GR1000XL-2
  • Improved maneuverability and ability to navigate in smaller spaces for transportation.
  • Improved tilt cab design for better visibility for high-reaching operations.
  • Equipped with self-removable counterweight and outrigger, providing greater ease in transportation and eliminate the need of an assist crane.
  • Newly developed technologies such as “Eco-mode” to reduce fuel consumption and “Positive control”  to reduce fuel consumption during standby mode.
  • Standard feature of HELLO-NET

Main Specification

(Type for North & South American markets)
Max. Lifting Capacity 160US t x 8ft 145t x 2.5m
Max. Lifting Height (Boom) 201.1ft 61.3m
(Boom + Jib) 256.9ft 78.3m
Max. Working Radius (Boom) 185ft 56.0m
(Boom + Jib) 220ft 64.9m
Boom Length 42.8ft~ 200.0ft 13.1m~ 61.0m
Jib Length 33.8ft/59.1ft 10.3m/18.0m
Max. Counter Weight 64,600lbs 29.3 ton


Engine Model Mitsubishi 6M60
Max. Output 200kW(267PS)/2,600min-1
Overall Length Approx. 16,190mm
Overall Carrier Length Approx. 10,155mm
Overall Width Approx. 3,315mm
Overall Height Approx. 3,785mm

Spec No.:

  • General
    • GR-1450E-2-00101 – 61m boom , 18m Manual offset jib , Self-removable counterweight , Tier2 level
    • GR-1450E-2-00102 – 61m boom , 18m Hydraulic offset jib , Self-removable counterweight , Tier2 level




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