Sennebogen 633

The new Sennebogen 633 telescopic crawler crane expands the product range with a further pick & carry crane. Alongside its small storage space, the new edition also meets customer requests for higher manoeuvrability and efficiency with the accustomed high precision, strong lifting capacity, and robust construction.

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Product Description

As a leading manufacturer of mobile and crawler telescopic cranes, SENNEBOGEN looks back over more than 25 years of experience in the construction and production of telescopic cranes. Around the world, customers from the construction industry and crane rental sector trust the reliability of SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes. With a current product range of 15 t to 120 t safe working load, SENNEBOGEN already covers a broad array of work applications, for which telescopic crawler cranes in particular offer many advantages for lifting, moving, and positioning large loads.

The new SENNEBOGEN 633 fits perfectly into the gap between the SENNEBOGEN 613 and 643 telescopic cranes. It expands the series of telescopic crawler cranes for deployment scenarios in communities, building construction, energy supply, and (tunnel) construction, all while leaving a compact footprint.

Maximum flexibility on site: SENNEBOGEN Full-Power Boom

The three-section boom of the SENNEBOGEN 633 can be continuously extended and retracted over a length of 25.2 m. As is the case with all machines in this series, it is also designed as a full-power boom, can be used at full load (pick & carry), and turn the full 360 degrees. This highly robust, maintenance-free system allows for continuous extended and retracted, and it is always friction-locked. The maximum hook height with the 6.5 m and 13 m fly booms stands at a total 38 m. SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes are, in general, quick and agile at any length, offering a decisive advantage, especially when working with varying boom lengths.

Variable and resource-saving operation

With its crawler undercarriage, the 633 can also manoeuvre across difficult terrain. The machine can be variably driven even at full load, scoring points with its excellent manoeuvrability. It is possible to work at a slope of up to 4 degrees, with the telescopic and, also, stable crawler track roller can be hydraulically set to three-track widths. Even before first-use, the 633 saves time and money: with a compact 10.6 m length, and 3 m width and height, it can be transported as a compact machine and be ready for action in a very short amount of time.

Maximum driver comfort and intuitive operation

The new Multicab II comfort cabin can be inclined by 15 degrees as standard, which is not always the case with this cubic capacity class. Together with the climate control and air-sprung seating incl. seat heating, it thus offers a comfortable working environment even at high boom angles. The driver constantly has the winch, rear and the right side in view via the 17.8 cm screen.

The machine can be set to any desired boom length variably and quickly via joystick, which also saves time and enables efficient working. The SENCON control and diagnostics system by SENNEBOGEN offers a clear presentation of all operating parameters and easy, intuitive user control, as well as the ability to process error messages quickly.

The Sennebogen 633 E-Series – in summary

  • Compact and powerful: a maximum safe working load of 30 t, boom length up to 38.2 m
  • Full-power: three-part telescopic boom, always friction-locked, extremely robust design, continuously extendable and retractable via joystick-operated hydraulics (no 1-cylinder step procedure), length 25.2 m
  • Versatile and flexible in use: Robust telescoping crawler track with high stability, movement under 100% load, operable on inclines of up to 4°
  • Easy to transport, quick to set up: 3 m transport width, easy self-assembly system, low space requirements when in use
  • Efficient: powerful and efficient 129 kW Cummins diesel engine, Tier 4f exhaust after-treatment or 119 kW Cummins diesel engine, Tier 3a exhaust after-treatment
  • Intuitive operation: SENCON control and diagnostics system for clearly laid-out and intuitive user control

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