Tadano Mantis GTC-800

The GTC-800 is the second in the GTC series designed to accommodate requirements of the growing Tadano Mantis core markets of power transmission, bridge and civil, and foundation construction while expanding the broader appeal of the crane toward lift crane based markets.

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The GTC-800 has a full power, 5-section 141 foot 1 inch (43 m) hydraulic boom is designed to perform for lift work and out-of-level, pick-and-carry, and foundation work. Boom extension options include a 33 foot or 58 foot (10 or 18 m) bi-fold jib that can be offset at 3.5, 25, or 45 degrees. Maximum lifting height with the full jib is 198 feet (60 m). An optional 8 foot (2.5 m) heavy-lift jib with a capacity of 23.5 tons (21 tonnes) that offsets at 3.5° and 30° is also available.

Load charts for the GTC-800 are available for operation at up to 4° out of level with automatic load chart switching. The “level” ground charts have a 1.5° slope allowance.

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