Potain MDT 389 L12

Equipped with the new Crane Control System the MDT 389 L12 provides greater performances. This user-friendly crane control system offers owners the highest levels of comfort flexibility ergonomic control – translating to better return on investment.
MDT CCS Topless concept allows complex multi-crane installations. The assembly erection transport and even maintenance phases are shortened. Optimum productivity and greater safety make MDT CCS cranes the best alternative for all users and hirers.

Additional Information

Max. Capacity

Tip Load



Metric Ton

Jib Length

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crane Load Charts Download

thumbnail of MDT389 L12_spec_mt_en_EN14439 C25D25
MDT 389 L12 | Metric | EN | EN 14439 C24-D25
thumbnail of MDT389 L12_spec_mt_en_EN14439 C50D50
MDT 389 L12 | Metric | EN | EN 14439 C50-D50
thumbnail of MDT389 L12_spec_mt_en_FEM1001 A3
MDT 389 L12 | Metric | EN | FEM 1001 A3
thumbnail of MDT389 L12_spec_lb_en_ASCE 7-10
MDT 389 L12 | Imperial | EN | ASCE 7-10


Language – EN (English), CH (Mandarin), JA (Japanese), DE (German)
SI Unit – Metric (Tonne), Imperial (US ton)

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