Vicario OMV 260

Vicario OMV 260 is a 1.5-tonne rated capacity self-erecting tower crane with a maximum jib length of 15m and a tip load of 0.6 tonnes.

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Product Description

  • Crane mass 4400 kg with construction axes without counterweight (7500 kg)
  • The modular design of the arm to obtain, with simple operations, different configurations of arms and capacities
  • Automatic shock-absorbing pads and limit switch selection “wide”. for instantaneous operation with folded arm faculty to roll up the arm up to 30° with a ramp carriage and a limit switch without any specific adjustment four-speed lift controlled by inverter three-digit rotation controlled by inverter four-speed translation controlled by inverter ” OYMC” Omron-Yaskawa motion control
  • Tower built-in electrical system and geared motor for the translation of the carriage with limit switches and limiters that can be calibrated from the ground
  • Hydraulic power unit with two independent cylinders, optional to rotate the crane 360 ​​° and remote control
  • Counterweight in moulded concrete blocks (2×900 kg + 2×950 kg + 4×950 kg or 2×1500 kg + 5×900 kg across) Hot-dip galvanizing of the arm, tower, tie rods, struts and stabilizers
  • Electrolytic galvanizing of pins, bolts, washers and accessories
  • Hydraulic unit, fifth wheel and mechanics under protective housing made of galvanized sheet metal
  • El electrical system according to EN 60204, with magnetothermic switches, acoustic overload signal and separate alarm signal, isolating switches and contactors “SIEMENS”, OMRON cable control with keypad and device for internal and external radio control with protective roof Stainless steel hood for electrical devices
  • Operating instructions and spare parts
  • CE declaration and R.C.T. product


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