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Demag AC120/4LJ

The Demag AC120/4LJ is an all-terrain crane optimized for operations requiring high mobility and versatility. This 4-axle vehicle crane boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 120 tons, featuring one of the largest class-leading 59m telescopic main booms alongside a 27m auxiliary jib, extending its reach up to 86.4m. Its design accommodates a vehicle length of 11.0m (13.2m with the main boom mounted), with a vehicle width of 2.55m, ensuring it can navigate through tight spaces with ease.

Demag AC120/4LJ All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Key highlights include a maximum counterweight of 26.1t, showcasing the crane’s capability to handle substantial loads. The AC120/4LJ is equipped with cutting-edge drive technology, enhancing its crane performance and economical operation. Additional features such as a hydraulic offset auxiliary jib device, four outrigger extension positions, and an advanced hydraulic system contribute to its operational flexibility and efficiency.

The crane is designed with both the operator and environmental compliance in mind. It features a Daimler engine that meets EURO MOT 3a, TIER 3, and CARB standards, with a transition to EURO MOT 3b, TIER 4i standards post-October 2011. This is complemented by a ZF-AS-Tronic transmission system, ensuring smooth and economical operation.

Furthermore, the AC120/4LJ incorporates a multitude of safety and convenience features, including an emergency steering pump, two-circuit air-actuated service brakes with ABS, and a spacious 2.55m wide operator cabin with modern amenities such as seat heating, air suspension, and air conditioning.

This crane model exemplifies a harmony of power, precision, and environmental consideration, setting a high standard for all-terrain crane operations, particularly in demanding environments where space and maneuverability are critical.



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