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Tadano AC 5.120-1

Tadano AC 5.120-1 is a compact and lightweight five-axle crane with a large lifting capacity, especially with its main boom fully extended. Innovatively equipped and ideal for routes where axle load limits are crucial. It was the upgrade version of ATF-120-5.1 annouced in August 2021.

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Product Description

Thanks to a reinforced 60m main boom, the AC 5.120-1 reaches extraordinary lifting capacities. The crane can travel on roads while remaining under a ten-tonne axle load limit and a total weight of 48 tonnes. The AC 5.120-1 remains at a slender width of 2.75 m even with 24 tonnes of counterweight and maintains a counterweight tail swing radius of only 4 m with the full 35.4 tonnes of counterweight. Thanks to the superstructure shared with the AC 4.110-1, 80% of the counterweights for both cranes are interchangeable, as are the boom extensions, including one with reduced complexity. The Lift Adjuster reliably reduces load swinging during lifting and lowering.



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