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Zoomlion ZAT6000H763.3

The ZAT6000H763.3 all-terrain crane is an upgraded model from the ZAT6000H753, showcasing its impressive capabilities such as an 90-meter boom, and a maximum lifting height of 136 meters with the fixed jib. When equipped with wind power jib, it can reach a maximum lifting height of 100. The crane is equipped with advanced engineering for energy efficiency and a significant reduction in operating costs, and it features a 264KW engine for powerful performance. This product was out in the market for very short time and not much information can be found on the internet.

Zoomlion ZAT6000H763.3 All Terrain Crane Load Chart


*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

Upgraded Capacity:

  • 80m wind turbine maintenance: Boom length of 96.3m, lifting capacity increased from 80 tons to 95 tons.
  • 90m wind turbine maintenance: Boom length of 102m, lifting capacity increased from 53 tons to 80 tons.
  • 100m wind turbine maintenance: Boom length of 113m, lifting capacity increased from 40 tons to 65 tons.
  • Maximum lifting height of 140m, maximum working radius of 100m.



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