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Zoomlion ZAT6000V863

The ZAT6000V863 crane features a fully extended eight-section main boom of 97 meters, allowing operations at a radius of up to 88 meters. It boasts significant lifting capabilities, managing 152 tons at a 10-meter radius and 71 tons at a 16-meter radius. Additionally, it can be equipped with a 60-meter variable fly jib and a 78-meter tower jib, achieving maximum lifting heights of 138 meters. This model is designed for maximum space efficiency with a 143-ton counterweight that can be repositioned while loaded, and a compact turning radius of 7.7 meters suitable for tight spaces.

Its versatile boom and outrigger combinations, including one-key automatic extension for super-lift and tower configurations, enhance its adaptability. The six-axle all-terrain chassis ensures a minimal turning diameter of 24 meters and a ground clearance of 380mm, facilitating maneuverability.

Zoomlion ZAT6000V863 All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The crane is designed for efficiency with a drivetrain that includes all-wheel drive, heavy-duty axles, and large 445/505 optional tires, ensuring even weight distribution and rapid redeployment capabilities. It offers a 30% increase in travel speed when fully rigged for off-road travel.

In terms of power, it combines a Mercedes-Benz OM473 Euro VI engine with a ZF16TX transmission and heavy-duty axles for robust performance. It also incorporates a Cummins non-road engine with a series of high-pressure variable oil pumps and Bucher balance valves.

For compatibility across various configurations, it supports counterweights ranging from 400 to 2400 tons, and hook blocks for capacities between 300 and 800 tons, showing its versatility across the Zoomlion product range.

Key features of the ZAT6000V863:

  • Main boom length: 97m, with fly jib extension up to 138m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 143 tons, with a superlift configuration
  • Energy efficiency: Up to 30% reduction in energy consumption
  • Chassis and driveline: 445/505 mm wide tires and Mercedes-Benz OM473 + ZF16TX gearbox for strong driving performance
  • Power system: Equipped with a 400-2400 kW power system and a 400V voltage system
  • Variable weight support: Can handle counterweights from 300 to 800 tons

The crane also excels in challenging terrains, supported by its robust chassis and advanced drivetrain system.

Zoomlion ZAT6000V863 All Terrain Crane Load Chart



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