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Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200

The SCX1200 crawler crane from Hitachi Sumitomo offers reliable lifting power with a 120-ton capacity and an expansive reach with its 73.15-meter boom. It’s designed for efficient transport and rapid deployment, with a focus on operator comfort and safety.

Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200 Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200 stands out with its formidable 120-ton lifting capacity, making it a powerhouse for heavy-duty lifting operations. Its substantial boom can extend up to 73.15 meters, allowing for significant reach and flexibility in various construction scenarios, from infrastructure projects to large-scale industrial installations. Transport and assembly efficiency is a key aspect of this crane’s design, with features like a compact base unit width of 3180mm for easier over-the-road hauling and horizontally split counterweights for expedited setup and takedown.

The crane’s mast system integrates a folding design for faster assembly and the automatic track tension system maintains ideal tension, reducing maintenance issues and enhancing durability. This attention to practicality extends to the operator’s cab, which offers a spacious and comfortable environment, equipped with all-around visibility and intuitive control layout to ensure operational precision and reduced fatigue over long working hours.

Under the hood, the SCX1200 is powered by a robust Hino 6D24TE1 engine that provides 184kW of power, meeting the demands of heavy lifting while adhering to emission regulations, reflecting Hitachi Sumitomo’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The crane also comes with advanced safety features, such as load moment limiters and hydraulic safety mechanisms, ensuring both the protection of the operator and the integrity of the lift.

In summary, the Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200 is not only strong and versatile for lifting operations but also thoughtfully designed for ease of transport, swift setup, and operator convenience, all packaged within a machine that upholds rigorous safety standards.


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