Kobelco SL4500

Kobelco SL4500 was debut at Intermat on 20th April 2009. The new model is part of Kobelco’s ongoing programme to redesign, upgrade and improve all of its crane models from 300 ton up to 800 ton.

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SL4500 has a maximum load moment of 4,700 tonnes/metres and a maximum boom and jib configuration of 84 metres main with 54 metres luffing jib, or 78 metres main boom with 66 metres luffing jig, reaching a lifting height of 144 metres. The new model has been developed in close cooperation with several key buyers around the world, including the lead customer Weldex.


  • Excellent lifting capacity
  • Compact, well thought-out design
  • In compliance with transport regulations worldwide
  • All items within 3m transport width
  • Fast rigging, self-assembly system
  • Innovative upper frame design
  • Boom-mounted hoist winches
  • Great operating comfort
  • High-output engine and High-speed lifting, increase work efficiency
  • Wide, large-capacity winches for smooth high-rise work
  • Winches with powerful line-pull handle hard work with ease
  • Excellent reliability
  • Worldwide service


Weldex gets first Kobelco SL4500 in Scotland.

Scottish based Weldex has purchased the first unit of SL4500 which has been delivered and displayed at Intermat 2009 in Paris.

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