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Zoomlion ZTC1300V863-1

In March 2024, the construction industry witnessed the unveiling of the Zoomlion ZTC1300V863-1, a towering achievement in crane technology. This model boasts an extensive 8-section 85 meter boom configuration, with possible working radius up to 72 meters for flexible operation across diverse construction scenarios. Its robust lifting capabilities enable it to handle up to 6.3 tons, with a maximum lifting capacity of 2 tons at the far reaches of its jib. With a superlative single line speed of 113.5 meters per minute, the ZTC1300V863-1 streamlines lifting operations, bringing efficiency and power to the forefront.

Designed to conquer challenging terrains and demanding lifting tasks, the crane’s driving force is undeniable, powered by a 460hp engine and supported by a 12-speed gearbox, capable of tackling slopes with a 31% gradient. The synergy between its dynamic driving and precise lifting technologies marks a significant advancement in the Zoomlion fleet. Adaptable and efficient, the ZTC1300V863-1 enhances operational speed by 85% while maintaining precision with a reduced boom deflection. This March 2024 innovation by Zoomlion represents a new era of lifting machinery, setting industry benchmarks for strength, agility, and performance.

Zoomlion ZTC1300V863-1 Hydraulic Truck Crane Load Chart


*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

Super Lifting Performance

  • 8+85m boom configuration, maximum lifting capacity of 6.3t.
  • The jib extends up to 74m, and can be combined to various lengths.
  • Maximum lifting capacity of 2t at a 17.5m jib radius, and a 33.5m counterweight radius.
  • Maximum single line speed of 113.5m/min, with a lifting capacity of 1.2t.

Powerful Driving Performance

  • 55t vehicle weight conforms to the 385 rear axle.
  • Strong driving force, equipped with a 460hp engine and a 12-speed gearbox.
  • Maximum gradeability of 31% at a 17.5m radius with a 4t counterweight.

Efficient Operation

  • Maximum lifting capacity of 30t at a 17.5m radius.
  • Operating efficiency increased by 85% when lifting 30t.
  • Boom deflection reduced by 85% to ensure precision.
  • Compatible with 57t counterweight of 0.55m.
  • Compatible with 37t superstructure of ZAT/ZTC1300H8-1 model.




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