Tadano GR350XL-2

GR350XL-2 is a 35 US ton rough terrain crane manufactured by Tadano in North America market. It has 101.7′(31m) boom , 42′(12.8m) jib, Tier3 engine for South America market and Tier4i engine for North America market.

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Boom Length


Max. Rated Capacity


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Imperial, EN

Product Description

Spec No.:

  • North America
    • GR-350-2-00101 – 101.7′(31m) boom , 42′(12.8m) jib , 2M2D , Tier4i
    • GR-350-2-00102 – 101.7′(31m) boom , 42′(12.8m) jib , 1M1D , Tier4i
  • South America / South Africa
    • GR-350-2-00103 – 101.7′(31m) boom , 42′(12.8m) jib , 2M2D , Tier3


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