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Fuwa FWT65

The Fuwa FWT65 is a 65-ton capacity telescopic crawler crane with distinct features designed to provide reliable and efficient lifting operations. It is equipped with a main boom length that extends from 10.8 to 38 meters and has a variable boom derrick angle from -3 to 83 degrees, which offers a broad range of motion for precise lifting and placement of loads. The jib length is adaptable, coming in at 8/14 meters, which can be further enhanced with an optional extendable fly jib of 7-14 meters for additional reach.

Fuwa FWT65 Telescopic Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The crane’s rope system is robust with a diameter of 22 mm and a high rope speed of 116 meters per minute, ensuring quick and smooth lifting operations. The swing mechanism provides a swing speed ranging from 0 to 1.96 rpm, granting the operator the ability to maneuver and position loads with precision. Travel speed of the crane is dual-phased, capable of reaching up to 1.26 km/h without a load and 0.26 km/h while carrying a load, enhancing the machine’s onsite maneuverability.

For stability and power, the FWT65 has a rated single line pull of 7.5 tons (73.5 kN) and can tackle a gradeability of 30%, allowing it to operate effectively on inclined surfaces. The crane’s mass is 60 tons, and its overall dimensions are 12500 x 3260 x 3160 mm, which, along with a low ground bearing pressure of 0.07 MPa, aids in minimizing the impact on the ground and facilitates easier transport and setup.

The crane is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 engine, which provides a substantial power output of 142 kW at 2000 rpm, combining fuel efficiency with strong performance. The FWT65’s design and specifications demonstrate a focus on combining robust lifting capabilities with high maneuverability and operational versatility, making it well-suited for a range of construction and lifting tasks.



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