Comansa 11LC160

Structurally, the 11LC160 model is very similar to the 11LC150 crane, but it has 5 more metres of reach, making a total of 65 metres. The 11LC160 has the same horizontal structural parts as the 11LC150, plus a 5-metre jib section and a counter-jib section of under 2 metres. The two models also share tower sections and the same hydraulic climbing cage. Thanks to this extensive compatibility, a 11LC160 can easily be converted into a 11LC150 and vice versa.

With a reach of 65 metres, the 11LC160 can move its maximum load of 8 tonnes at a radius of up to 13.8 metres. With the standard equipped PowerLift system activated by the machine operator, the crane can move the same load up to 14.5 metres.

The full visibility of the workspace from the CUBE cab, which comes standard equipped in this model, gives the crane operator greater monitoring of operations and the site, vastly improving safety.

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