Comansa 21LC450

For projects involving heavy loads and tight schedules, the 21LC450 crane is ideal thanks to its exceptional versatility and productivity. The crane features a wide variety of motors that can adapt the 21LC450 to the needs of the most demanding projects.

The 21LC450 has a maximum reach of 80 metres and comes in two versions with a maximum load of 20 or 25 tonnes. Assembled with its maximum radius, the 20-tonne version has a jib-end load of 3,000 kg while the 25-tonne version has a jib-end load of 2,600 kg.

These cranes are assembled on a 2.5-metre-wide tower section, allowing them to reach free-standing heights of over 90 metres. Moreover, the width of this section is compatible with the sections of the 21LC550, 21LC660 and 21LC750 models and the LCL280, LCL310, LCL500 and LCL700 luffing-jib models.

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