Comansa 21LC660

The 21LC660 flat-top crane is designed to be used for public construction, industrial construction, mining and infrastructure projects. With its 84 metres of jib, it has the longest reach of any COMANSA crane.

Like the 21LC750 crane, this model features an innovative slewing part that makes the assembly process quicker and easier and reduces costs in terms of auxiliary equipment. Moreover, the two models share most jib and counter-jib parts and can be assembled on the same bases, a great advantage for managing fleets of rental cranes.

The 21LC660 features different options for motors and hoist cable drums for optimum performance on projects at great heights.

thumbnail of 21LC660-20_spec_mt_en_vDS182002
Metric, EN (20 ton)
thumbnail of 21LC660-20_spec_mt_en_vDS182414
Metric, EN (20 ton)
thumbnail of 21LC660-25_spec_mt_en_vDS184301
Metric, EN (25 ton)
thumbnail of 21LC660-25_spec_mt_en_v3220-10366
Metric, EN (25 ton)
thumbnail of 21LC660-37.5_spec_mt_en_vDS184302
Metric, EN (37.5 ton)
thumbnail of 21LC660-37.5_spec_mt_en_v3220-10367
Metric, EN (37.5 ton)
thumbnail of 21LC660-50_spec_mt_en_vDS182001
Metric, EN (50 ton)
thumbnail of 21LC660-50_spec_mt_en_vDS182417
Metric, EN (50 ton)

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