Potain Hup 40-30

First unveiled at Bauma 2016 as a prototype, the crane was officially launched during a Manitowoc’s factory event in Niella Tanaro, Italy. Deliveries of the Hup 40-30 starts in early 2017. This is the second model launched by Potain from its new Potain Hup range. The pioneering self-erecting tower crane boasts a range of innovative design and technology features.

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Product Description

The Hup 40-30 come with the 40m jib (131ft) and boasts 16 different configurations, unique to this category of the self-erecting crane. This adaption allows the crane to have a wide range of site applications. The crane has a maximum capacity of 4 tonnes and can lift 1 tonne at its jib end of 40m (131 ft).

It also features a telescopic mast for a range of working heights. This design boosts the height under hook attainable by the crane from 25.6m (84ft) in its “low position” to 30m (98ft) when fully extended.

This improves the transportation of the crane as no extra mast is required for installation separately. with a transport configuration only 14 m (46 ft) long when folded, the Hup 40-30 is easy to move from job site to job site.

In addition, the crane’s luffing jib offers three different positionings: horizontal, 10° and 20°. These options provide the crane with a height under hook range of 20 m (65 ft) to 40 m (131 ft). Shortening or extending the jib is a swift and straightforward operation as it offers convenient configurations for both short and long jib lengths.

The Hup 40-30 has better agility which has a high-performance slewing radius, allowing the crane to be position closer to the building.

It also comes with Manitowoc’s new Smart Set-Up software, Potain’s High-Performance Lifting (HPL) and High-Performance Slewing (HPS) and features a new Power Control function.