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Sany SAC5000T7

The Sany SAC5000T7 is a robust 500-ton mobile crane, delivering powerful lifting capabilities with a compact design for ease of mobility. It features an impressive 84-meter boom and 48-meter jib, ensuring a balance of reach and strength for substantial construction projects.

Sany SAC5000T7 All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The Sany SAC5000T7 mobile crane is tailored for high-end lifting tasks, notable for its massive 500-ton lifting capacity and sophisticated engineering. It is adept at handling the demands of extensive construction projects where precision and power are of the essence.

Key features of the SAC5000T7 include:

  • Movable Counterweight System: The crane features an innovative movable counterweight system capable of adjusting 142 tons of counterweight with a radius of up to 0.7 meters. This dynamic system contributes significantly to the crane’s stability and lifting capacity during complex operations.
  • Boom and Jib Configuration: With a 50-meter main boom, the crane can also accommodate a luffing jib, which allows for flexible lifting operations, even in confined spaces or at significant heights.
  • Crane Dimensions: The SAC5000T7 has a total length of 19.4 meters, which is indicative of its substantial size yet designed to facilitate ease of transport and maneuverability.
  • Advanced Drive System: The crane is fitted with state-of-the-art KESSLER drive axle technology, enhancing its reliability and operational efficiency.
  • Powerful Performance: A robust 485 kW engine provides the necessary power for the crane’s operations, ensuring optimal performance in lifting and driving.
  • Operational Speed: The crane’s design allows for a maximum travel speed of 60 km/h, ensuring swift transit between sites, with a capable climbing speed that supports the crane’s heavy-duty nature.

The SAC5000T7 stands out for its innovative design, particularly the movable counterweight system that provides remarkable flexibility and stability for heavy lifting tasks. Sany’s emphasis on combining power with smart technology ensures that the SAC5000T7 is not just a mobile crane but a key player in efficient and safe construction operations.



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