Hitachi-Sumitomo SCX550-3

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co., Ltd. (HSC) has launched the 55-tonne SCX550-3 hydraulic crawler crane in November 2019. The SCX550-3 is developed based on the concept of “SCX-3 series” while keeping the superior working performance as a conventional machine. The new model is equipped with a cleaner running engine that meets EU stage Ⅳ exhaust emission regulations.


  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 55t x 3.7m
  • Boom Length: 10.0m ~ 49.0m
  • Rope Line Speed
    • Front/Rear Main (Rated with 6.5t load): 110(53)m/min
    • Boom Hoist: 60m/min
  • Engine: Hino J05E-UN (EU Stage IV)
  • Engine Rated Output: 138 kW/ 2,100 min-1

Additional Information


Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

Features of SCX550-3

Superior lifting performance and workability for any job site

The machines deliver maximum 55-tonne lifting capacity to boost work sites. The counterweight width has been kept to 3200 mm and a rear swing radius of 3850 mm for the operations on sites with limited space.

Excellent versatility

The crane offers excellent versatility across a broad range of work sites from ordinary crane lifting operations to foundation work and clamshell operation. Reduction counterweight specification is available as an optional extra to provide added flexibility for a diverse range of worksites such as on platforms or bridges with weight restrictions. Newly designed counterweight that each weight can be piled flatly, boom hanging lugs and connect pin holder installed on the boom contribute to transportation and assembly.

Clean engine and ECO winch mode

The machine is equipped with a cleaner running engine that meets EU stage Ⅳexhaust emission regulations. A DPR (muffler filter) and Urea SCR system are installed as the exhaust gas after-treatment device. Auto idle function and ECO winch mode also contribute to the energy-efficient operation.

Enhanced safety with full range of safety features

Safety has been covered in almost every conceivable way, with the use of a swing restriction device and swing brake pedal, while reputable functions such as warning alarm and auto drum lock remain installed as standard. The large display panel includes all required information at a glance, easy-to-view layout without disturbing the operator’s forward visibility. Handrails (folding-type) are also included as standard for greater safety during maintenance.

Remote sensing

Machine operating condition can be monitored precisely by remote sensing installed as standard. By ensuring preventative maintenance, planned maintenance could be easy and it contributes to improving operating efficiency.