Sennebogen 3300SL

The Sennebogen 3300 Star-Lifter (SL) crawler crane was introduced to the market in 2003 to closes the gap between Sennebogen’s 80-tonne capacity 2200 and the 140-tonne capacity 4400, and it is the 4th model in the range, which is capped at 180 tonnes capacity with the 5500 Star-Lifter version.

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The 3300 SL offers an underhook height of 93.4 metres, produced by a 41.1 metre main boom and 52.3 metre luffing jib.

Main boom combinations of the crane are 63.5 or 74.7 metres, while an underhook height of 93.4 metres can be achieved with the machine’s 41.1 metre main boom and 52.3 metre luffing jib. Also available for the 3300 SL is the option of a 57.9 metre main boom with a 29.9 metre fixed jib and also an auxiliary jib. Maximum capacity when working with the luffing jib is 37 tonnes.

Power to the crane is provided by a 195 kilo-Watt Caterpillar diesel engine, which also supplies two standard 120 kilo-Newton winches.

As with all the models in Sennebogen’s SL line, the 3300 features the standard self assembly system, incorporating a self ballast system, which allows for a crane set-up time of just a few hours. All boom elements of SL crawler cranes can be telescoped into one another to allow for transportation in a standard ISO container.

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