Comansa 11LC150

The 11LC150 crane is a model designed for somewhat more demanding jobs, where it is necessary to hoist heavier parts like beams or small precast pieces of up to 8 tonnes. Compared to the smaller models in the 1100 Series, this crane is better equipped to work on non-residential construction projects, like small bridges, industrial facilities, etc.

The crane comes with a hoist motor featuring the Effi-Plus high-speed system and a drum with 440 metres of cable, enabling excellent performance on projects at great heights. For use at greater heights, the 11LC150 can be equipped with other optional motors with greater hoist speeds (up to 310 metres per minute) and even more cable capacity.

The 11LC150 crane comes standard equipped with Comansa’s CUBE cab, guaranteeing the productivity of the crane and the comfort of the operator.

thumbnail of 11LC150-8_spec_mt_en_vDS130713
Metric, EN (8 ton)
thumbnail of 11LC150-8_spec_mt_en_vDS182319
Metric, EN (8 ton)

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