Comansa 11LC90

The 11LC90 model is the only one in the 1100 Series with 1.2-metre-wide monoblock tower sections, the same used for the 500 Series. In addition to making the crane easier to assemble in tight spaces, the use of these common sections results in cost savings for rental fleets in terms of investment in tower parts.

This crane comes in two versions with a maximum load of 5 or 6 tonnes. Its maximum reach is 52.5 metres, where its maximum load is 1,200 kg. The 6-tonne version comes with an Effi-Plus hoist motor to reach high speeds of up to 154 metres per minute. This shortens work cycles and increases the productivity of the crane.

The 6-tonne version comes standard equipped with the panoramic cab, while this feature is optional for the 5-tonne version.

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Metric, EN (5 ton)
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Metric, EN (5 ton)
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Metric, EN (6 ton)
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Metric, EN (6 ton)

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