Comansa 16CM185

The 16CM185 crane comes in two versions with maximum loads of 10 or 12 tonnes and a maximum reach of 65 metres, with sections every 5 metres.

The optional hoist motors for this model allow the crane to reach higher speeds and have more cable capacity, making it a good solution for projects at great heights with tight schedules.

Using tower sections of the same size (2-metre wide), this crane can reach free-standing heights of nearly 65 metres on a folding cross base or nearly 63 metres with the embedded version. Combining sections with various widths, these cranes can reach above 100 metres in height without using ties.

The 16CM185 shares various jib sections with the 16CM220 and 16CM260 cranes, also in the 1600 Series.

This COMANSA model is distributed exclusively in Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

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