Comansa 30LC1100

The 30LC1100 flat-top crane is available in three versions with a maximum load of 32, 48 or 64 tonnes. Its maximum reach is 80 metres, and the 32 and 48-tonne versions have a jib-end load of 11,000 kg, while the 64-tonne version has a jib-end load of 9,500 kg. There are jib sections every 10 metres.

The 30LC1100 shares tower sections, the climbing cage and most jib parts with the 30LC1450. Moreover, its tower sections can be used to reach great free-standing heights with other COMANSA models.

The hoist mechanism of the 30LC1100 model includes a drum with a capacity for 1,450 metres of hoist cable, allowing this crane to work on projects at great heights.

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