Potain MCT 385 L14

Manitowoc has introduced its first topless crane from its Potain factory in Asia in June 2012. The MCT 385, has a 20 t maximum capacity and has all the hallmarks of quality customers expect from Potain topless cranes. These include streamlined transport, easy assembly, an excellent load chart and high-strength structural components.

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The crane will be manufactured in Manitowoc’s manufacturing facility in Zhangjiagang, China, targeted to customers in Asia plus other emerging markets around the world.

The MCT 385 has a maximum load moment capacity of nearly 400 tm and was jointly designed by Manitowoc engineers in Europe and Asia. The end result is a crane that offers high-quality lifting performance in a design that suits the needs of regional customers.

Manitowoc launched the crane at a special event in 2012 at its Chinese manufacturing facility close to Shanghai. Customers and dealers from across Asia, and beyond, were in attendance.

The crane has a new mast that measures just 2 m wide and can achieve a maximum free-standing height of 64.9 m. This compact mast is ideal for congested urban projects, and accurate configuration is available with the addition of mast inserts of either 3.33 m or 5 m in length. Climbing with the crane is made easier as the hook height can be 50 m above the last anchor points. In addition, the design allows for internal climbing on high-rise applications.

The compact jib design, streamlined counter-jib, and flexible mast system make the MCT 385 both easy to transport and assemble. For faster assembly, the crane uses a new pin connection system that makes inserting and removing pins much easier. Riggers also benefit from a full walkway with independent safety line when assembling the jib.

The MCT 385 has frequency-controlled mechanisms for hoisting, trolleying and slewing, which provide smooth movements and precise positioning. Servicing the mechanisms is straightforward too, as they are conveniently located for mechanics to reach.

Potain put the crane through a rigorous eight-month product testing process prior to its official launch. It underwent both structural and component testing to ensure Potain’s expectations for the highest levels of product quality were met.

After product testing completed, the first eight MCT 385 cranes were placed on job sites run by selected Potain partner companies. Of these, seven were purchased by Manta Group, Manitowoc’s dealer for Potain tower cranes in Singapore and Hong Kong. The company is monitoring its cranes as they work on residential projects across Singapore and Hong Kong.

All the cranes remain on-site and will continue to be monitored by Manitowoc staff and customers to gauge performance. Overall, the feedback on the cranes remains extremely positive and once Manitowoc is satisfied with this on-site monitoring process, deliveries will begin with the first expected later this year.

The Potain MCT 385 is ideally positioned to fill the gap in Potain’s Asian tower crane line, between the 16 t MC 310 and 25 t MC 475. The Zhangjiagang factory, where the MCT 385 is built, is one of Manitowoc’s most advanced facilities. Opened in 2005, it employs the latest technology and precision machinery to consistently produce the highest quality cranes. The factory is one of the few crane manufacturing plants in China to be certified in line with the TÜV quality assurance standard.

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