Sany QAY220

Sany has displayed the QAY220 during Bauma China in 2009. It was the prototype of the first all-terrain crane developed under its brands. Unlike other Chinese manufacturers, the QAY2200 was built on a 5-axle carrier instead of the conventional 6-axle chassis.

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The crane comes with a six-section, 62 metres main boom and can reach a maximum lifting height of 105 metres when the luffing jib is being used. It runs on a Hydac hydraulic suspension and Kessler axles and has a low-speed turning radius of fewer than 20 metres. The carrier uses imported Benz OM502LA.E3A (390 kW/1800 rpm) to transfer power through a ZF AS-Tronic gearbox. The 15.8 metre-long crane weighs 60 tonnes (without counterweight).

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