Sany SAC2200

Sany was the leading China manufacturer that has developed and rolled out 5-axles all-terrain crane with a lifting capacity of 220 ton in China.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 220 ton
  • Max. Boom Length: 62m
  • Max. Jib Length: 43m
  • Max. Combination: 105m

Additional Information


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Metric, EN (2010)
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Metric, CH

Product Description

Sany SAC2200 all-terrain crane uses the self-assembly and disassembly of the main and auxiliary winches, which reduce the travelling weight of the whole machine, thus improving efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

Powerful Lifting Capacity

The 220-tonne crane is equipped with seven section U-shaped booms made of fine-grain high-strength steel plate; the longest boom length is 103m, lifting height of 103.5m, max.lifting capacity of 220t;

0°~ 40°automatical infinite variable luffing jib is applied to ensure convenient switch over between all operating conditions with high efficiency.

Efficient Hydraulic System

Self-developed dual-pump converging/diversion main valve is used. Converging flow of the single-action dual-pump can be up to 520L/min, ensure fast and efficient operation. Combined-action dual-pump diversion system is applied to ensure stable controllability with independent oil supply.

An electric proportional variable displacement piston pump is used to ensure high-accurate flow control which is efficient and energy-saving.

Excellent & Stable Chassis

The use of innovative 5-axle chassis design and multiple braking modes provide more reliable travelling performance. With tipping early-warning technology, high stable overall operation and high safety can be achieved.

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Intelligent Electronic Control

The adoption of internationally advanced distributed integration bus data communication network and the configuration of abundant sensing elements can achieve timely feedback of data information and monitor the overall working status in real-time. The human-computer interaction interface is used to meet the customer’s individual requirements.

Various Safe Devices

The crane’s cab is made of safety glass and anti-corrosion steel plate with ergonomic design, the voice alarm, anti-rollover function and ABS are applied.

Lifting Expert System

The system could guide and provide a lifting plan or select the best lifting plan which could ensure the stability and safety of the construction.


  • First 5-axle 220t all-terrain crane made in China.
  • Compact in dimensions, light in weight, strong in power and gradeability;
  • U-shaped boom design, buckling modulus increased by 15%, max. rated capacity of 220t and max. moment of 6,900 kNm
  • 105m of fully extended boom combined with jib length is the longest in China. It was the first China-made model fulfilling a lifting height of 103.5m.
  • Fully-extending/retracting of the main boom can be achieved in 10 minutes.
  • Single rope speed of hoisting reaches 130 m/min
  • Fly jib adjusting continuously from 0°~40° with high performance in operation
  • Short vehicle length, with 6 steering modes and 6 different suspension modes, providing excellent performance in travelling and manoeuvrability
  • Specialized Sany SYML automatic operation control system realizes a completely logical and interlocking monitor and ensures safe operation
  • Joysticks, buttons, instruments and indicators are designed according to ergonomic principles for operator’s comfort