Demag CC2800-1

Terex has made some significant improvement on the existing CC2800-1 and there were two developments to enhance the crane lifting capability and efficiency.

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Product Description

S7 Power Kit

Terex increases the capacity by adding stronger segments to the boom of the crane because those sections are highly loaded. The new improvement is able to add up to four sections to the CC2800-1. This increases the crane capacities and the standard crane boom length of 126m can be also increased to 138m.

Narrow Track Version

The CC2800-1 NT is a narrow track version of the 600 ton CC2800-1, designed to travel down narrow roads, especially for windmill erection. Terex introduced a special car body to which the crawlers are connected. The side outriggers can be folded up so that when moving between locations and there are obstacles, the outriggers can be lifted up to reduce the crawler’s width. The articulated outrigger can be folded beside the crane to reduce the transport width significantly to 5.2m, travelling through in confined workspaces.

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