Demag CC5800

On 18th November 2005, Terex-Demag launched the 1,000-ton capacity class CC 5800 at the manufacturer’s testing facility in Bierbach, Germany. Terex-Demag claimed that it would be the strongest in the 3m-wide transportation class. The first two units of the crawler have been sold to buyers from China for their power plant construction project.

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Product Description

CC 5800 has a maximum load moment of 12, 860 tonne-metres. In addition, the 3-metre transportation width of all its components, including jib sections that can be inserted into the main boom sections to further simplify transport and reduce transportation cost.

The operation can either be with up to 492 feet of main boom or a 670 foot combination of the main boom and luffing jib, both in SL configuration.

The central base of the CC 5800’s slewing ring is connected to four foldable outriggers, which not only allow self-loading and discharging, but also fit straight to the crawlers or can be lengthened to operate the crane in pedestal mode.

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