Demag CC6800

CC6800 is an upgrade from the Demag CC5800 crawler crane. The boom section sizes were increased to 3.5m wide that increases the capacity to 1,250 ton. The boom and jib configurations can be increased to give a maximum lifting height of 260m.

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Demag CC6800 lattice boom crawler provides a nominal lifting capacity of 1,250 ton for a maximum load moment of 13.840m and 216 m maximum tip height.

The Superlift radius can be adjusted from 15 to 24 m.

The assembly process is highly simplified, speeding up the rigging and hoisting time. This allows the crane to start work faster and higher return of ROI.

With the capability of travelling speeds up to 1.1 km, the 1,250 ton is equipped with a powerful Quadro-drive and hydraulically assisted boom section pinning system.


Luxi Chemical Group hoist reactor with China’s very first Terex CC6800

On 18th March 2011, Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd put the first CC6800 in China to test with the hoisting of a 462 ton, 35.4m high and 2.4m diameter reactor.

The crane was assembled with a 60m main boom in SSL configuration to lift and place the reactor on its 3.6m high pedestal.

The lift was completed successfully in less than 3 hours. Additional jobs completed by Terex CC6800 on the same site included lifting a 416-tonne ammonia converter, as well as several 100 to 200-tonne jobs involving structural components.