Hitachi-Sumitomo 6000SLX

6000SLX is a 500-tonne crawler crane manufactured by Hitachi Sumitomo. The prototype was on the test pad at the factory in Japan at the end of November 2008. The 6000SLX is the Hitachi Sumitomo version of Link-Belt 548, which was exhibited at the ConExpo show in Las Vegas in March 2008.

The first sight of the Hitachi Sumitomo 6000SLX was unveiled at the Intermat exhibition in Paris in April 2009. It will be available in all markets as the Hitachi Sumitomo 6000SLX except for the Americas where the Link-Belt 548 will be offered.

In addition, Hitachi Sumitomo 6000SLX has received the Japan Brand Award at 2010 Machine Industrial Design Award sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimibun Ltd. Rated with a lifting capacity of 500 ton, it is optimum for usage at nuclear facilities and wind farms projects.

The 500-tonne crawler crane is designed to adapt to global transport regulations, with its weight reduced to a stunning approximate 30 ton and width up to 3 meters during transportation. The 6000SLX comes with a maximum main boom length of 108 metres and maximum boom and jib combination of 72 + 72 metres. The crane is power by a 397 kW diesel engine.

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