Kobelco 7120-1F

Kobelco 7120-1F hydraulic crawler crane features new technologies that raise performance to a new height. Precise, high-elevation crane jobs depend on accuracy and speed while lifting for general construction jobs demands reliable safety and a sufficient working area.

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Product Description

The versatile 7120-1F fully meets all of these requirements in one, tough unit. Its powerful hoist winches can easily handle precise, continuous jobs, while the new hydraulic system, working in combination with a large drum capacity delivers ultra-smooth operation.

Kobelco is renowned for its productivity-boosting technical advances, backed by extensive worldwide experience in the construction machinery field. The 7120 exemplifies this engineering excellence, offering reliable durability, excellent lifting performance, economical transportation, smooth control functions and a wide range of safety features. In short, the 7120-1F crawler can handle all types of crane jobs, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

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