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Liebherr LR 1800 has a maximum rated capacity of 800 tonnes, with a maximum load moment of 12,100 t/m. However, with the heavy-lift derrick mast configuration, it will be able to give a maximum lifting capacity of 1,200 tonnes.

The advantage of the LR 1800 over the similar capacity Gottwald AK 912, which is another mega-lifter and can also lift 1,200 tonnes, but, it cannot lift and move since it was a truck-based crane that is on its outriggers.

With Sarens Sparrow’s PC 9600 temporarily in Saudi Arabia on refinery work, Baldwins has had six weeks to claim the largest crawler crane in the UK in 1998, having taken delivery of the crane earlier in the year.

Baldwins’ LR 1800 spend January 1998 in Dublin working for Irish Cement, lifting 300 tonnes Klin sections at 38 m radius and travelling with them.

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