Manitowoc MLC165-1

A new 165 tonne Manitowoc crawler crane, MLC165 has made its international debut at Germany Bauma 2013. Its mobility and easy-to-assemble features are to replace two of Manitowoc’s highly successful product range, the Manitowoc 777 and Manitowoc 555. The maximum boom length of the crane is 84 m. It also has an optionally fixed jib and luffing jib. The maximum boom and fixed jib length is 93.4 m (69 m main + 24.4 m jib). The maximum boom and luffing jib reach increases to 102.8 m (51 m main + 51.8 m jib).

Furthermore, the customer would have the options with either a 224 kW Cummins Tier 3 engine or a more environmentally-friendly 239 kW Cummins Euromot 3B engine.

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Veracruz took first MLC165 in Mexico

Veracruz, Mexico-based rental company Gruas Villarreal has taken delivery of the 1st unit of MLC165 in Mexico. The order was taken during CONEXPO 2014 exhibition, along with Manitowoc’s 600-tonne capacity Manitowoc 18000. The crane will be used for the construction of the Ethylene XXI project for Mexico’s government-owned oil company Pemex refineries across the country.

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