Sennebogen 6140E

The Sennebogen 6140 E has a high load capacity of 24-tonne across a work area of 20 m it can both operate heavy attachments in grab mode and also move heavy loads – always ensuring maximum stability thanks to its robust wide-gauge undercarriage.

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Product Description

Huge Load Capacity Across The Entire Work Area

  • Can lift 24 t across 20 m work radius, maximum load capacity 140 t
  • So it can operate heavy attachments in grab mode and move heavy loads in lifting mode
  • Robust boom: Strong 1,900 mm wide lattice boom with a length of up to 63.5 m

Duty Cycle Crane With High Performance In Special Civil Engineering & Extraction

  • For casing machines and pile grabs up to DN 3300
  • For dragline buckets up to 5.4 m³
  • For mechanical and hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs
  • For diaphragm wall cutters
  • For material handling with clamshell or orange peel grab
  • For lifting work up to 140 t
  • For below ground construction with a leader
  • For dynamic ground compaction

Drive System For The Most Dynamic Movements

  • A powerful 708 kW (optional 563 kW) diesel engine ensures sufficient reserves of power for every application
  • Meets the high standards of stage IV emissions requirements
  • 2 x 25 t freefall winches, optional 30 kN tagline winch


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